1. Give me something to write about!

    • Am in the mood to write, so give me something to write about in the form of a poem, or at least something alike...
  2. Don’t Cry??

     You told me to not cry, that everything would be fine, but now am sitting here as everything has unfolded, and now you say nothing; expect walk away, so many promises, but have you ever seen the true me? The me that noone has ever expected, the broken angel, now a corruppted monster..  These thoughts have filled my head for so many weeks, and days, that you wouldn’t understand, the pain making me only a burden, and now you come back along… Only to make me break completely.. Was this your plan? To lift me so high, like a drug, yet to let me fall like dust; the poison you drink…  Take me away, and now lock me away, so they can’t see the demon whom I become, so they can’t realize what lies behind this mask,… These scars may have faded, but still they remain on the inside.. So set me free now, and tell me it will be okay? After all I was only to fade like the other, so now you take those ‘lil pills, so you won’t have to be reminded of me, when it comes to the time, I’d be forgotten, yet for me I’m the one who endure it, like a sharp needle to the vein daily, for you was escape… But now tell me, when does my escape begin, and where does it end?

  3. ”I am but a shadow, only truly seen by those, who see the darkness in life.”- Nancy

  4. Me being awesome… e_e;

    Me being awesome… e_e;